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Swarm Removal Contact List

Beekeepers listed may be called upon to remove honey bee swarms – loose groups of bees that are not living in structures. (If you have bees in a house, tree, or other structure, refer to our Cut-out List.)

Before calling, please be sure that you are dealing with honey bees and not wasps, hornets, or other types of bees. For more information, see our page on Problem and Unwanted Bees.

Once you are quite sure that you do, in fact, have honey bees, please be ready to provide the following information:

  • Location of the swarm
  • Height of the swarm 
  • Size of the swarm (Basketball, softball, etc.)
  • When you first noticed the swarm
  • Note whether you have called anyone else

If the swarm leaves, please call the beekeeper back right away to let them know. Swarm season is a busy time for beekeepers, so it is nice to save them a trip.

Swarm Removal List

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