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Locally Raised Honey Bees and Queens:  Northern Bee Network

The Northern Bee Network is an online directory of individuals selling honey bee queens and nucs. It is free for producers, and all beekeepers can be listed by filling out a simple form. The goal is to have a directory where queen producers can find each other to share ideas and genetics and where beekeepers can find individuals selling local queens and bees.

The Northern Bee Network was started in 2013 through a kickstarter campaign by Meghan Milbrath, a beekeeper and small-scale queen producer in Michigan. In 2015, Meghan accepted a position at Michigan State University working in bee research and extension. She continues to run the Northern Bee Network as part of her extension activities at MSU.

Visit to find local bees or to create a free listing to sell queens or nucs. If you have questions, or want to update your existing listing email

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