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The Michigan Beekeepers AssociatioN

    Membership in the Michigan Beekeepers Association supports Michigan bees and beekeepers. When you become a member of the Michigan Beekeepers Association (MBA), you are joining the oldest continuously operating agricultural organization in the state of Michigan, and one of the oldest beekeeping clubs in the country.


Trees for Pollinators

Michigan Beekeepers Associa1on announces the “Trees for Pollinators” program for spring 2023.

We invite local bee clubs, garden clubs, pollinator groups, arborist organizations, schools and local communi1es to help distribute three varie1es of tree seedlings: American Basswood, Little Leaf Linden and Sargent Crabapple.


You can order tree seedlings from your local bee club or MBA district representative

Beekeeping Workshops and Webinars from MSU


A refuge for pollinators: A case study of establishing large-scale pollinator habitat on marginal farmland using federal funds

Heather Chapman and Meghan Milbrath, Michigan State University, Department of Entomology - September 27, 2022

Establishing a pollinator refuge through the National Resource Conservation Service Environmental Quality Incentives Program in southern Michigan.

There are many ways to support pollinator health by planting flowers. This case study provides one example of establishing pollinator habitat in southern Michigan by participating in the National Resource Conservation Service Environmental Quality Incentives Program.


Problem and Unwanted Bees

If you have a swarm hanging in your tree or a colony living in your wall, you may need a beekeeper!  Many beekeepers will remove swarms. Some will do cut-outs. Not sure what the difference is? Or even if your "bees" are honey bees? Click below for more information.


Lists of beekeepers who can remove swarms or colonies for you. 

Swarm Removal


If you aren't sure what you have, please check out our page on Unwanted Bees (link at left).

Keep Your Bees Safe from Bears

Keep Yogi out of your bee yard!

Bear fence plans from the Michigan DNR and Scientific Beekeeping.

2022  MBA Fall Conference Review

Once again, MBA hosted a fall conference that did not disappoint. On October 22, beekeepers trekked to Muskegon, where Orchard View High School was transformed from a place to educate teens to an agglomeration of all things bee. MBA VP AJ Menefee and the Muskegon Bee Club worked their tails off to make it all happen.

Those in attendance broadened their beekeeping horizons with excellent lectures and activities, kibitzed with old friends and colleagues and made new ones. It was everything we’ve come to expect from a conference and only one iota of re-living high school.

2022 Honey Festival

Research at MSU on Honeybee Diseases

Greetings Michigan Beekeepers! My name is Peter Fowler, and I’m doing research at MSU on honeybee diseases with a special focus on European foulbrood. We are currently looking to enroll beekeepers that notice sick brood in their yards during the month of September. Samples we collect from your hives will be sent to the USDA laboratories in Tucson Arizona and will help us understand what viruses and bacteria are being present and what visual signs these pathogens are associated with.

How you can help:

If you come across severely affected colonies during September (20 or more melted cells on one frame – see photo) and want to contribute to our understanding of the pathogens involved, please contact me at We will schedule a time to take samples, and we will contact you when we receive results. This is open to any and all beekeepers, commercial, sideliners and hobbyists.

If you’re a commercial beekeeper and would be willing to talk to me about your experiences with EFB in your operation please feel free reach out to me at We really want to learn more about how this disease has impacted you and what management strategies you have found useful in mitigating it.

About: Peter Fowler is a veterinarian and PhD student in the Comparative Medicine and Integrative Biology (CMIB) program at Michigan State University working with Dr. Meghan Milbrath. His research focuses on European foulbrood (EFB), which has become problem for Michigan beekeepers in recent years.

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