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2022 MBA Fall Conference Review

Fun with JeoparBEE

In the auditorium, Anne Marie Fauvel’s keynote presentation, A Bee’s Eye View of the Nation’s Bees, launched the day’s events and broadened our understanding of the commercial bee industry and its contributions to beekeeping at all levels.

Charlotte Hubbard, Mike Connor, Zack Sporte and Dr. Rufus Isaacs covered the gamut from marveling at the humble honeybee, to pollinator support and queen rearing.

Rufus Isaacs

Anne Marie Fauvel

Down the hall, Zachary Huang appropriated a classroom to discuss bee stressors and the multitude of ways that they’re studied. At his conclusion, Chris Beck and his band of beekeepers with discerning palates spent the remainder of the day evaluating the annual honey show entries.

Stephanie Slater and Chris Beck judging honey

Volunteer honey judges

Zachary Huang

Jason Towers in choir room

Not a note was heard in the band room, but from it came euphonies all day. Jason Towers helped attendees prep for overwintering. Ana Heck offered a broad range of beekeeper resources. Rick Dimanin concluded the afternoon enlightening those present on reshi extract uses.

It is unknown if the decibels in the library remained at acceptable levels during Rebecca Parker-Sandee’s talk on pollen analysis, Jean Baker’s presentation on flowers for bees, or Chuck Bauer’s discussion on late fall in the bee yard.

However, in the late afternoon when Charlotte Hubbard hosted a JeoparBEE game show, the ballyhoo from the competitors could be heard at the other end of the school. It was lively and friendly competition and it was educational. JeoparBEE might become a regularly occurring conference event. So, if you’re thinking of attending future conferences, as many JeoparBEE contestants have stated, best to practice your buzzer skills (pun intended.

Charlotte Hubbard’s JeoparBEE

Rebecca Parker-Sandee

A varied array of vendors were set up in the common/cafeteria area. Beekeepers mingled among new and established purveyors of every imaginable bee related item, stocking up on everything from hive components to Christmas gifts. And because beekeepers are chock full of fortitude, none were the least bit rattled by an occasional incidental fire alarm, but some did have brief flashbacks to their childhood fire drill protocols.

Lorin Tate shows off his top bar hive

Beekeeper checks out books at Wicwas table

Zack Sporte and family in vendor area

Four Crows handcrafted lanterns

Kim Wood

The MBA member meeting concluded the conference. Those who had time to stay were able to get an in-person glimpse of some of the club’s short and long-term objectives. It was also a reminder of the extent to which MBA serves and supports Michigan’s beekeepers… not the least of which was this year’s fall conference. Here’s to many more!

Jean Baker judges an answer at JeoparBEE

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